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Economy Quad Place Trailer
# MTB4TCKU: M.S.R.P. $1,353.00Kayak Trailer

Sale price: $1,190.95 + (S&H)
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Kayak Trailers

What do I need?

When purchasing a trailer with a tongue extension, or adding a tongue extension to an existing trailer, a good rule of thumb is as follows, a 12 foot long trailer can carry approximately a 14 foot boat, a 14 foot trailer can carry approximately a 16 foot boat, a 16 foot trailer can carry approximately an 18 foot boat,18 foot trailer can carry approximately a 20 foot boat. The reason you can carry a longer boat than the length of your trailer is most states allow a three or four rear overhang, that is the tips of the boats are allowed to hang 3 or 4 feet past the rear of the taillights on the trailer. anymore than this and you are required to put a red flag on the tips of the boats. Also keep in mind turning distance when positioning your boats on the trailer, make sure to have enough distance from the front tips of the boats on the trailer to the back corner of the tow vehicle. The distance between the back corner of the tow vehicle and the front tips of the boats on the trailer decreases as you take a corner and gets shorter with the sharper corner you take. With the help of a family member or friend take a short low-speed test corner while walking next to the trailer and visually observe that you have enough distance between the tips of the boats and the rear of the tow vehicle when taking a sharp corner.

$1,190.95 + (S&H) # MTB4TCKU - Economy Quad Place Trailer

When you want to hit the "Water"

When you have places to go and fun to have, you need kayak trailers and canoe trailers you can count on for reliability and convenience every time. Whether you need a multiple kayak trailer to haul vessels for the whole crew or just a single canoe tow for a weekend of solitude, the last thing you want is a trailer that doesn’t function properly or that is a hassle to manage. You want to get on the road out of town!

We understand. Check out our single canoe and kayak trailer with saddles and tie-down straps or our multiple boat trailers with strong, tubular steel construction. Read all the features and specifications. Then, when you know what you need, place your order and we’ll get to work helping you enjoy more time on the water.

Additionally, there are a host of upgrade options for all of our kayak and canoe trailers, so that you can continually enhance your trailer so that it is always well-suited for your activities. Turn to us, when you need to upgrade wheels, add a tongue extender, or replace tie down straps.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Shipping Information:

The price of this item does not include truck freight (ships by semi) to your location. If this item is ordered online, before processing the order, we will obtain freight quotes to the shipping address provided on the order. We will email you the best quote for your approval. FREE unassembled pick up available in Hull, IA.

Tip: It is less expensive to ship this item to a business address that has a loading dock or forklift.

Email: Quote requests received after 3:00 PM CST or on weekends will be processed the morning of the following business day.

This item normally leaves the warehouse in 7-10 business days. 

* Due to regulatory restrictions, we cannot ship trailers to Illinois

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